The recruitment process is carried out by:

  • 1. Contacting the School by calling 600 024 480 or writing to 
  • 2. Filling in the application form;

  • 3. Parent interview with the Schomin zapisyol Principal and talking and playing by a School psychologist with the child (not applicable to children who are graduates of our Kindergartens);

  • 4. For grades 2 and higher a skills test checking child's competence is required

  • 5. After successfully passing the aplication process by signing a contract between the School and the child's Parents;

  • 6. Currently we are running the enrollment process for the school year 2018/2019 and subsequent school years. We can also enlist a student during a school year if the School has vacancies.



I hereby affirm that the information contained above is compliant with all the legal requirements and specifications and accurately reflects the actual state. I reserve the right to update the information in case of any changes and accept the responsibility to inform the School of any such changes.