Our School creates and implements its own educational porgrammes.

Our students can use the programmes:

  • Multiworld EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME - this is a varied programme of tours, trips, leisure activities, cultural events, science events - such as "white" and "green schools", museum lessons, trips to cinemas and museums, drama classes, "Festival of Science", "Children's Success Academy”, "Clubs and Interests Groups”. All School events in the Multiworld programme are animated by both Polish and English teachers.
  • Multisport EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME - within this programme students are involved in participation in School and Interschool competitions and are active in the School Sports Club.
  • Multiknowledge EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME - within this programme students take active part in  School and Interschool math competitions, contests of knowledge and skills.
  • Multilanguage EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME – this is an extensive programme of two foreign languages teaching to children beginning from grade 1 of Primary School. The programmes  are under full supervision of the Methodology Director of Language Studies.
  • Multichallenge EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME - a programme concentrating on working with the brightest students, who show special talents and skills.