• MULTISCHOOL is a bilingual, international, Polish-English School. We run all the classes in a bilingual system. Our tuition programmes concentrate on both Polish and English curriculum. English teaching programme is carried out by teachers from English-speaking countries (native speakers). Our Students use textbooks from Great Britain, English classes are held daily, giving a total of a minimum of 12-14 lessons a week and these classes are fully integrated with the whole tuition programme. English teachers are also class form tutors who are fully involved in our School life and all the school events.

  • MULTISCHOOL has been active in the educational market since 1999. Since the very begining of our exsistence we have been involved in educational issues – first in succesfully running a network of language schools. Since 2001 we have also been running two language preschools  - Bajkowa Kraina. A natural result and consequence of all those actions was opening an International Primary and Secondary School MULTISCHOOL. From that very moment on we have been an educational group offering comprehensive education for children from 2 years of age.

  • We are a modern and dynamically growing educatinal institution, with  a great concern for our students' overall developement. We pay great attention to the teaching of foreign languages. We also create and implement our own tuition programmes and curricula, and we always eagerly take part in numerous educational projects and enterprises. Since the beginnnong of our exsistence we have been passionate about teaching, according to the best standards and setting ourselves always new goals and challenges.

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