Our School carries out the following programme ideas:


  • We are a bilingual, international, Polish-English School;

  • Half of the classes at our School is conducted in the English language only and is run by foreign teachers (native speakers);

  • Our tutition programmes concentrate on both English and Polish curriculum;

  • English classes are held on a daily basis, totalling a minimum of 12-16 lessons a week, and these classes are fully integrated with the whole tuition programme;

  • Our Students use textbooks from Great Britain;

  • English teachers are also class form tutors who are fully involved in our school life and all the school events;

  • In addition to the high level of English, we have also introduced an extended programme of a second foreign language teaching – the German language; Our Students can also learn Spanish and French; 

  • The whole language teaching is carried out within our own Multilanguage teaching programme;

  • All the language teaching programmes are under full supervision of the Methodology Director of Language Studies;

  • The Polish curriculum is in full accordance with the instructions of the Polish Ministry of Education;

  • We use the best, most up-to-date coursebooks and educational materials that are available on the market;

  • We implement our own educational programmes: Multiworld, Multisport, Multiknowledge, Multilanguage, Multichallenge;

  • We offer special remedial classes at each educational level;

  • We provide the care of a speech therapist, psychologist and school educator.





  • We want to teach and educate young citizens of modern Europe - aware of their rights but also duties, knowing foreign languages, independent in thinking, skillfully seeking their own solutions;

  • We want our students to learn tolerance for others and openness to the problems of the modern world;

  • We want to educate children and teenagers according to the latest curricula, using new technologies and best methodological systems;

  • We implement our own educational programs - Multilanguage, Multiworld, Mutlisport, Multiknowledge, Multichallenge;

  • We care about our students and their comprehensive development;

  • We aim to inspire, encourage, assist and encourage our students to continue to work hard at every stage of their educational path.